Student reviews Bitcoin analysis on desktop and phone

Economics and finance analyses are an invisible spine that supports the success of any interruptive technology, from brainstorming, research, technology and product development, market-entry, competition and expansion, and the ecosystem built around the key technology.

Dr. Qian focuses on analyzing the cost and benefit of interruptive technology and assessing the competition and market potential; more importantly, he uses data-based analyses to assess and infer the possible economic and financial impact of interruptive technologies on local, national, and global economy. At the Center, Dr. Qian will collaborate with Dr. Ahmed who understands the technological details of interruptive technology and Dr. Hunter who provides theoretical models to demonstrate the impact mechanism.

Dr. Qian also bridges the gap between engineering and economics for those students (both graduate and undergraduate) who are interested in research that spans engineering and economics. Students can learn skills that are critical for a quickly evolving world that requires a versatile workforce understanding of natural science, data science, and social science.