Student in organic chemistry lab

Who We Are

SUNY Buffalo State's Center for Integrated Studies in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CISNN) brings together key faculty from a broad range of academic disciplines including engineering technology, data science, physics, chemistry, economics, and ethics. This unique, multidisciplinary approach is the first of its kind in the nano field.

Our Vision

Leaders of a New Model of Interdisciplinary Research

Our vision is to provide a holistic environment for research, creativity, and scholarship on the SUNY Buffalo State campus.

Our faculty will work seamlessly together across departments and schools under common themes/motifs.

Our students will be to be more mobile, versatile, and impactful in the ever-changing work environment where cross-cutting skillsets are rapidly becoming the critical currency.


Our Focus Areas

The CISNN will tackle the present and future worlds of "nano" in critical spaces such as

  • Clean Energy
  • Quantum Informatics
  • Next-generation magnetic materials
  • Catalysis
  • Economic viability assessment
  • Analysis of ethical, legal, and social implications 

Data Science tools will be utilized intimately in each of these research areas, including their interfaces, for the purpose of accelerated discovery.

Our Foundational Goals

To bring together "nano" faculty from diverse fields at SUNY Buffalo State to engage in stated research objectives, capabilities, and accomplishments; enhance already existing faculty collaborations; and engage students in cross-cutting research themes.

Equity and Social Justice through CISNN’s Vision

SUNY Buffalo State is the largest comprehensive college in the SUNY system with a unique place as an urban institution in one of the most underserved and minority-heavy locations in the continental United States – Buffalo, NY.

The 150 + year old institution has a rich and diverse student body and is at the nexus of medical, technological, financial, policy, and data science corridors that are currently part of an economic upturn, coined "Buffalo Rising." It is a school with a deep sense of equity and social justice.

The center’s cross-functionality is not just for the sake of high-impact education through an integrated approach, but a big part of our vision is in developing minority students’ versatility and mobility in the workforce through this multifaceted training, with the aim to positively impact equity and social justice.