Arjun Pathak

Arjun Pathak

Associate Director, Materials Science And Math Complex 283
Phone: (716) 878-6726


Ph.D., Applied Physics, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

M.S., Physics, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

M.Sc., Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Research Focus Areas

  • Topological quantum materials, ferromagnetic semiconductors, and thermoelectric materials
  • High-performance permanent magnets
  • Caloric and multiferroic materials
  • Magnetism and transport phenomena of lanthanide-based intermetallics

Modes of Research

  • Synthesis and magneto-transport, thermodynamics, and spectroscopy characterization of bulk and nano-crystalline materials.

Research website

CISNN specific Research

Dr. Pathak’s research focuses on the design, and discovery of a wide variety of energy storage functional materials, including caloric, magnetic thin films, 2D heterostructures, nanomaterials, permanent magnets, topological quantum materials, and shape memory alloys. He particularly focuses on the experimental techniques to grow poly-crystalline, single-crystalline, and nano-structures materials and utilizes x-ray and neutron diffraction, magnetometry, electrical and thermal transport as well as spectroscopy techniques.

CISNN specific publications, white papers, grants, and other resources

  • Near room temperature magnetocaloric properties in Ni deficient Mn0.525Fe0.5Ni0.975Si0.95Al0.05, M. Khan, R. C. Das, J. Casey, B. Reese, B. Akintunde, A. K. Pathak, AIP Advances 12 (3), 035227 (2022).
  • Magneto-transport and magnetic textures in Ho/FeCoGd/b-W multilayers with additive chiral exchange, R. C. Budhani, V. Sharma E. Negusse, J. Casey, A. K. Pathak, J. T. Sadowski, and B. Kirby Phy. Rev. B 105, 024412 (2022).
  • Anisotropically large anomalous and topological Hall effect in a kagome magnet.
    G. Dhakal**, F. Kabeer**, A. K. Pathak**, F. Kabir, N. Poudel, R. Filippone, J. Casey, A. P. Sakhya, S. Regmi, C. Sims, K. Dimitri, P. Manfrinetti, K. Gofryk, P. M. Oppeneer, and M. Neupane
    Phy. Rev. B, (Letter) 104, L161115 (2021) (**equal contribution).
  • Extraordinarily strong magneto-responsiveness in phase-separated LaFe2Si, A. K. Pathak, N. A. Zarkevich, D. H. Ryan, D. D. Johnson, V. K. Pecharsky, Acta Materialia, 215, 117083 (2021).